Episode 8 Lomography 100 & Shack Island

Island X Film Episode 7. Yashica Mat 124g & Kodak Ektar 100

Stepping from 35mm to medium format seems like a massive step up in quality. Since the growing popularity of film photography certain cameras have become the standard for quality and therefore sought after by film enthusiasts worldwide. One of those cameras has been the Rolleiflex. Out of reach for most of us the Rolleiflex has given birth to a myriad of “next best things”. The 124g and the Mamiya C330 are probably the two biggest standouts. Take a moment and watch my latest episode as I dive into one of my absolute favourite cameras.

Island X Film Episode 5. NYC Photo Review

Thanks for watching and here a few of my favorite photos that I shot during my visit to Coney Island.

Island X Film…. My new YouTube channel dedicated to Film Photography. Episode 1

Much before I moved to Vancouver Island I had a goal to set up a YouTube channel dedicated to film and a year later I have finally found the time to start. Below is my first video highlighting the Olympus mju1 and all the pictures I took on Kodak Gold 200 (shot at box speed). One of the goals of this channel is to not only shoot more film but it’s to create printed content as well. With each episode Iwill be making a hand made zine to share the images I have taken. I will also be giving a copy away to one individual each and every time I drop an episode. Stay tuned each week for the next episode.

First Roll… Canon 7 Range Finder.

Like always it’s exciting to get out and shoot a new film camera regardless of what format it is. The Canon 7 was my first attempt at shooting film on a true rangefinder. The Canon 7 is an LTM camera that is built with some decent heft and a level of quality that one could expect from a Japanese Camera of this era. Originally I wanted to buy a Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM to go along with this body but my budget decided otherwise. Instead I ended up with the Industar 61 which is a 53mm f2.8 made in Russia. My choice of film was Kodak Gold 200 and all the images were scanned by the Epson V600 and tweaked in Lightroom for the iPad. Below are a Few of the images I shot.

Developing Ilford Delta 400 at Home

                        Since I began to shoot film not long ago I was fascinated by not only the taking of images but also the making of them. Developing film couldn't have been easier yet there is a nervousness that happens as you pour the chemicals over the film and hope that you will see something after all the hard work. After opening the tank and discovering that it worked you can't wait for the film to dry and see what the final images turned out like. Here are just a few images I selected from 2 rolls of Ilford Delta 400 I shot, one just recently and the other I shot almost 3 years ago just waiting for this day. It is hard to judge the grain and sharpness of this Black and white film when it the first and only kind that I have ever shot. I should have a better idea when I shoot the very popular HP5 in the coming month or so. I continue to be fascinated by film because it seems to take me to a different place than digital. It's actually tough to describe other than to say it's quite calming.

Tech info on images                                                                                                                                

-Camera: Pentax Spotmatic & Canon A-E1 / Lens: Takumar 55 f1.8 & Canon FD 50mm f1.8 / Film: Ilford Delta 400 / Developer: Ilfosol 3  / Scanner: Epson V600