Shooting Fuji Superia Xtra 800

              Fuji Superia has been on the shelves of grocerie and drug stores for years. It’s a staple consumer film. This film however is a bit more unique due to it’s speed. 800 ISO is a a relatively fast speed when it comes to colour negative film especially considering that it is meant for outdoor daylight circumstances. Recently I moved to Vancouver Island and because of the change of scenery I have been shooting often, in fact there is so much to explore here that my blog posts have almost become daily occurrences. Now when it comes to Fuji Superia 800 it is really a very run of the mill film colour wise. Sure it has the fast speed going for it but that’s really where it stops. I would like to really compare it to Kodaks counterpart Portra 800 but I have never shot that film so I will judge it really on my first impressions. GREEN... Absolutely everything has a green tint to it, not a vibrant green but a flat kind of washed out green. I will agree that it has a very signature Fuji type look but over all I prefer more vibrant rich colours. Now on to the grain, Oh yeah this film has grain but doesn’t all 800 speed films. If you don’t like grain move right along. For those of you that would like to know I shot these images on one of my favorite little 35mm cameras, the Pentax ME using the Pentax 50mm f2 lens. Would I recommend this film? Why not! Just shoot and have fun, that’s of course the point of this all Isn’t it. Would I buy it again? No! But I have one more roll in the freezer so I will definitely shoot it.