Slowing shutter speeds ~ July 10

                Evening light intermingled with the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver Island can result in some incredible scenes. I took this image after a full day of storm clouds rolling in and out of the Nanaimo area followed by an incredible evening where all the weather seemed to calm and the sky’s opened up to reveal the coastal mainland mountains in the distance. I took this image at Neck Point Park in Nanaimo British Columbia. I chose to use the Fujifilm 23mm f2 lens and mouned the Gobe ND1000 10 stop neutral density filter to slow down my shutter speed. The below image was shot at ISO 100, f8 with a 20 second exposure. The 20 second shutter speed combined with the 10 stop ND filter smoothed out the ocean waves yet still leaving the rock outcropping sharp and full of detail. It is remarkable how the Fuji X-Trans sensor can resolve such amazing detail and colour depth. The X-Pro 2 is a camera I can’t recommend enough.