Embracing “CRAP” Photography

               Let’s face it nobody cares about your photography except for you, so why do we bother? The things we incessantly ask ourselves are questions like, is the composition right, is my exposure accurate, is it sharp enough, will it move people, does it tell a story and countless other things that paralyze us from simply just being creative. This is precisely why the cult following of Lomography is so popular.  Avid Lomographers could care less about the questions above and would rather enjoy the spontaneity of just simply shooting. They enjoy things like blur and light leaks or scratches and grain, in fact they are really the band of misfits that push back against what the main stream says in aesthetically pleasing. This is all well and good but I don’t think I would consider myself one of these misfits however I did thouroughly enjoy creating these images. The point of the LOMO process is to just simply shoot and enjoy. This is what precisely happened. I could see myself doing this again and again. It’s just simply fun.  All of the images below were shot Lomography Color 400 120 film with the Diana F+ camera and home processed with the unicolour c-41 kit. Let me know what it is that you love about this process.