First Roll… Canon 7 Range Finder.

Like always it’s exciting to get out and shoot a new film camera regardless of what format it is. The Canon 7 was my first attempt at shooting film on a true rangefinder. The Canon 7 is an LTM camera that is built with some decent heft and a level of quality that one could expect from a Japanese Camera of this era. Originally I wanted to buy a Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM to go along with this body but my budget decided otherwise. Instead I ended up with the Industar 61 which is a 53mm f2.8 made in Russia. My choice of film was Kodak Gold 200 and all the images were scanned by the Epson V600 and tweaked in Lightroom for the iPad. Below are a Few of the images I shot.

Shooting Portra 400 on the Minolta AF2

                Testing out a camera with Portra 400 is expensive and therefor a tad bit risky. At over $10 per roll at most available locations it’s a hard roll to waste. Fortunately though this little beauty worked just fine. I shot it all at about a half stop over exposed and as expected Portra shined. As one of the most forgiving films out there Portra has up to 8 stops of latitude. That makes shooting this stuff a breeze.

                A quick word regarding the Minolta AF. This camera was super simple to use, your only option to manipulate your exposure is to adjust the ISO dial. This little Rangefider camera is also auto focus which some might find to be a great feature. I actually find it a bit boring to shoot with. The shutter sound is wimpy and the over all feel is very Plasticky.  I guess one can’t complain for only $15 bucks. I think I will go back to my compact SLR’s (the Pentax ME and the Canon AE1). What you can’t argue about on this camera is it’s image quality. When it locks it’s focus the results are actually pretty decent. See for yourself below and feel free to reach out and let me know what you think of this Camera and remember whoever you are and wherever you are keep shooting.