Episode 8 Lomography 100 & Shack Island

Island X Film Episode 7. Yashica Mat 124g & Kodak Ektar 100

Stepping from 35mm to medium format seems like a massive step up in quality. Since the growing popularity of film photography certain cameras have become the standard for quality and therefore sought after by film enthusiasts worldwide. One of those cameras has been the Rolleiflex. Out of reach for most of us the Rolleiflex has given birth to a myriad of “next best things”. The 124g and the Mamiya C330 are probably the two biggest standouts. Take a moment and watch my latest episode as I dive into one of my absolute favourite cameras.

Dreary Weather Photography

                Here are the results of being creative when subjects are limited and the weather won't relent. Photography is about keeping going, pushing through the artistic blocks that can often cause us to feel inadequate.. Below is a product photo taken in my basement with very limited gear.. 2 simple speed lights and some tinfoil as reflectors.  

2016 Travel Photos Via PRISMA... A Visual Review

Once in awhile when you feel as your creativity is lacking and you need a boost it is a great idea to try something a bit different. The Prisma app was released a few months ago on both Android and iOS and right from the beginning I was fascinated by the amazing on click painterly results you could get on your smartphone. Here are just a few travel photos I shot during our adventures in 2016, all converted using the Prisma app.

Milk Books Album Review

            Recently I tried out an album service called Milk Books. Part of a wedding package that I gave a couple this past summer included a premium album and because I had only ordered lesser expensive albums for clients in the past this was a whole new experience for me. From the beginning of the online album building process to the final product I was mostly satisfied. Building of the album seemed very time-consuming and a little bit unintuitive, but overall not too bad. Where Milk Books really shines is in the final product. The quality is superior to anything I have ordered thus far and the bride I ordered it for was ecstatic. Some of the con's I experienced included the album builder and what I thought was a very steep shipping fee (almost $40 dollars). Overall I would give Milkbooks a 4 out of 5 and would definitely recommend this service for the professional photographer.