Macro Extension Tubes

       Recently I purchased a set of Canon EF Fotodiox Extension Tubes from Amazon.  My primary goal for purchasing these was to scan my film negatives.  Then winter came along with all it's trimmings.  My need to create however doesn’t change when the weather does. Below is a simple shot I took with the new Extension Tubes and my 24-70mm F2.8 L series lens. For this image I used the 13mm & 21mm tubes because I still wanted to show some context with the film advance lever and frame counter in my frame. Up till this point I had never made purchasing a Macro lens a priority because I primarily shoot portraits. One of the great things about this kit is that it still allows for auto focusing because of the electrical contacts that allow the lens to communicate with the camera body. I am sure that the results you get from a stand alone macro lens are better but for someone like myself who just needs to take the odd ring shot during a wedding and experiment the rest of the time $79 bucks is a steal.