British Columbia is rich with the history of aboriginal people. A culture that in many ways has been lost and forgotten in a world of instant gratification. Coming across this relic in the woods reminds me of the value of handmade art. 


Missing California

      It has been less than a week since returning from the consistently sunny and warm conditions of Las Angeles and I already miss it  The snow and sub zero temperatures of Northern Alberta seem to take their toll on my creativity. Here is a quick shot I did on our last day in the sun before coming home. This image just screams warmth to me.



Disneyland Day 1

        If there is one thing that I should have learned by now is how much gear should I pack when I travel. It seems that I can never decide what to pair down when it comes to my walk around kit. It’s probably a fear of missing the shot that causes me to overpack. This trip I brought along my Canon 6D with 24-70 f2.8, a Pentax point and shoot film camera, the Zhyiun Smooth Q gimbal and the iPhone 7 with moment wide lens. Plus everything that comes along with it including batteries chargers etc. After 11 hours walking in Disneyland I realized that I took probably 70% of my images on the iPhone while shooting the remaining images on my film camera and the 6D. Not sure if I’ll be able to leave the Canon 6D in the hotel tomorrow but I definitely would like a lighter load for tomorrow’s travels. Here is a few of my favourites from today. 


Selling our home #momentwide

          We are selling our home of 10 years and embarking on a new adventure. Soon we will be living on on Vancouver Island enjoying the coastal lifestyle. Before that can happen though we need to sell our home. One of the tools that real estate photographers just can’t live without is a wide angle lens. Since the widest lens I have for my Canon is the 24-70 F2.8L I though I would pick up the wide angle lens from Moment. These little wonders are made from Aluminum and high quality optics creating a reasonably sharp and distortion free image. It’s amazing that a Lens mounted on your iPhone can do such a fantastic job. Check out some examples below shot on the iPhone 7 and edited in Lightroom Classic and  Niks Color Efex Pro. 



Paracord Camera Strap

            Recently I decided that during the cold northern winter months I would try my hand at some crafting. One of the simplest things you can start crafting with is paracord and there are some great paracord projects online for film shooters like me. Below is a camera strap I made using a knot called the snake knot. It’s a fairly simple knot that once you have repeated a dozen or so times you’ve built up the muscle memory to keep going. The below project took approximately 40 feet of cord to complete. I purchased 100 feet for less than 15 bucks shipped on Amazon. Here is a link for the video in case you want to attempt one your self. One of the small adjustments I plan on making just for ascetics is using smaller black anodized key rings. Just to make it a bit sleeker looking.