The Flying Hasselblad

    Once in awhile technology arrives that simply defies what we ever expected, that’s what happened when DJI introduced the first Phantom in January of 2013. Fast forward only 5 short years later and the progress in flying camera technology is nothing short of spectacular. A couple years back I owned a DJI phantom 3 standard edition and with that machine I was able to create some pretty great images for sharing on the web. However if they ever needed to be printed that’s where they fell apart. Sometime later I sold the drone, partially out of frustration with image quality, partly for budget reasons but mostly because the Canadian government didn’t want anyone out there having fun with drones. The skyline has changed however in 2018, the government in Canada has relaxed their recreational drone regulations a little bit and probably the most compelling reason to buy a drone again is the shear improvement in image quality. The New Mavic 2 come outfitted with a Hasselblad camera platform sporting a 1 inch sensor and delivering 20 megapixel images using high end Hasselblad colour profiles. It will take me some time to save up for one of these at around $2000 Canadian but what a great tool this would be for all the passionate image makers out there. Check out DJI’s marketing video below and let me know what you think about this incredible new drone.