Fuji Superia 400 ~ The Canadian Drug Store Film

             When it comes to shooting film I would more often be drawn to professional films like Portra or  Ektar but they are not always the best when you just want to shoot for the sake of shooting.  Sunny days during the winter on Vancouver Island are far and few between so my wife and I took some time to wander though Rathtrevor Park just outside of Parksville. Below are just a few of the images I shot.  What is your favourite drug store variety film, or does your drug store even carry film any longer? 

Relief from the BC wildfires

            It’s nearing the end of August on Vancouver Island and we have been inundated by smoke from over 150 wildfires raging in British Columbia. Today the winds changed direction and the smoke that once sat thick like fog on the island is travelling back toward the mainland. This wind change provides us with a little reprieve from the toxic levels of smoke that we have been dealing with over the last 8-10 days. However the relief we are experiencing in Nanaimo only means that Others further east, even into Alberta will have to face this reality once again. This image below will stand as a reminder for me of those that are still coping with the scary new reality of wildfires that seem to come every summer in BC. If you are reading this post please pray for those that are in the midst of this struggle.