Exploring Local Spots ~ Beach Estates Park, Nanaimo, BC

Recently my daughter asked me if I would like to go out for a short hike with her to a place called beach estates park here in Nanaimo. armed with my Fuji X-Pro2 sans tripod I did the 5 kilometer loop with her. When we started the trail which is largely unknown to most Nanaimo residents i was blown away at the lushness and beauty that was literally steps away from the residential neighborhoods of central Nanaimo. A couple of day’s later i decided to return with my tripod and Rokinon 12mm lens so that I could capture the scene you see below. It is truly amazing what can be found in the most unsuspecting places here on Vancouver Island.



         I recently returned from a 10-day mission trip that I went on with my daughter to the country of Haiti. Probably one of the most physically draining yet spiritually fulfilling journey's  that I have done for years. Below are just a few iPhone images I captured while there.