2016 Travel Photos Via PRISMA... A Visual Review

Once in awhile when you feel as your creativity is lacking and you need a boost it is a great idea to try something a bit different. The Prisma app was released a few months ago on both Android and iOS and right from the beginning I was fascinated by the amazing on click painterly results you could get on your smartphone. Here are just a few travel photos I shot during our adventures in 2016, all converted using the Prisma app.

Milk Books Album Review

            Recently I tried out an album service called Milk Books. Part of a wedding package that I gave a couple this past summer included a premium album and because I had only ordered lesser expensive albums for clients in the past this was a whole new experience for me. From the beginning of the online album building process to the final product I was mostly satisfied. Building of the album seemed very time-consuming and a little bit unintuitive, but overall not too bad. Where Milk Books really shines is in the final product. The quality is superior to anything I have ordered thus far and the bride I ordered it for was ecstatic. Some of the con's I experienced included the album builder and what I thought was a very steep shipping fee (almost $40 dollars). Overall I would give Milkbooks a 4 out of 5 and would definitely recommend this service for the professional photographer.