Interpreting the “Tones” of NYC. A Travel Recap.

As you probably already realize if you follow my work, I love to travel. Travelling for a photographer excites the senses and opens your eyes just a little wider to see the beauty around you. Below are just a few images I shot in Manhattan while travelling with my family. All of the shots were taken with Fuji X-Pro 2 and the 23mm f2 “Fujicron” and the iPhone 8+.


Framed Within

Peeking view

Layers on Layers

From one reality to another

Flat Iron

Framing Chaos

Non Stop Flow

Motion in Color

The Picture of Capitalism

My two beautiful ladies

“Red Layne”

She Loves Cupcakes :)

Knot Open

The Future

A Quiet place where there isn’t many


Fading light


My Sweet little girl…

A Central kinda day!

Visual Story Telling

             Still life scenes are a great way to tell stories and capture lifestyle in an image. I love that I can choose too take my passion for image making seriously and create photographs year round, even when bitter winters drive me indoors. Sometimes however my tendency to endlessly watch YouTube videos and read articles on photography instead of actually creating it becomes the norm. This often cause me to fall into a creative rut. However by simply pulling out my camera and beginning the process of crafting an image im pulled back out. Below are a couple of images I shot of some Fishing gear just laying around in my garage.