Documenting the most important people in my life. With the Fujifilm X-Pro2

            It is said of mechanics of and carpenters that they take care of their cars and there homes last. As a photographer I don’t want the same said of me. I want to take every opportunity I can to craft images that will matter most to me and to those I love. Today I got the chance to follow my 14 year old girl as she set up the coffee shop all on her own at our local farmers market. Below are a few of my favourites. Shot on my new Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the Acros film simulation. 

Disneyland Day 1

        If there is one thing that I should have learned by now is how much gear should I pack when I travel. It seems that I can never decide what to pair down when it comes to my walk around kit. It’s probably a fear of missing the shot that causes me to overpack. This trip I brought along my Canon 6D with 24-70 f2.8, a Pentax point and shoot film camera, the Zhyiun Smooth Q gimbal and the iPhone 7 with moment wide lens. Plus everything that comes along with it including batteries chargers etc. After 11 hours walking in Disneyland I realized that I took probably 70% of my images on the iPhone while shooting the remaining images on my film camera and the 6D. Not sure if I’ll be able to leave the Canon 6D in the hotel tomorrow but I definitely would like a lighter load for tomorrow’s travels. Here is a few of my favourites from today.