Shooting Expired Kodak Ektar 25~ Qualicum Beach

          Each and every time I load and shoot a roll of Kodak Ektar film I am blown away by 3 things. First is the incredible colors that Ektar produces. Second is the ability to produce amazing detail with incredible latitude. Third is the grain, Kodak claims that Ektar is the worlds finest grain film and I have to agree.  The images that I am sharing below are from this years Father’s Day car show in Qualicum Beach British Columbia. The only downside to Ektar in the price. In Canada we pay almost $11 dollars per roll (often plus shipping). If you gave me the choice between Ektar and Portra, i’d Have to choose Ektar. I would love to hear below what your favourite C-41 color film is. 

Kodak Ektar 100 & The Canon A-E1

           I am 2 rolls into my film project and the second roll in my series is Kodak Ektar 100. Ektar is an interesting film as the box states it has a beautiful fine grain appearance to it and seems to manage the highlights quite well. I shot a variety of scenes and got varying results. I found that when shooting portraits of light-skinned subjects the results were quite pleasing while darker toned people's skin tones were quite reddish and needed to be toned down in post. Where this film seemed to shine was in the colorful car photos below. After two rolls with the Canon A-E1 I can see a consistent problem with it. this camera was truly designed to be a consumer level camera as the results created by the cheap 50mm f1.8 lens are nothing but mediocre. Coming up soon I have something special as I recently received a tonne of expired Kodak Ektachrome. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see what this 20 plus year old color slide film looks like.