Photographing Speed with the Fuji X-Pro2: Testing out Film Simulation Bracketing

        When Fuji came to the market with the x series camera system in 2011 with the X100 one of the most compelling features released were “Film Simulation Modes”. Fast forward to today with Fuji’s latest models and you will see that they have expanded this feature greatly. Today I decided to try out a feature called “ Film Simulation Bracketing”. This is a feature that allows you to select 3 different film emulations and instantaneously save all 3 versions to your SD card with absolutely no lag. Below you can see a selection of images I shot today with the Fuji X-Pro2 and the incredibly sharp 23mm f2. I love that there was absolutely no editing done to create these looks, these images are all completely out of camera.  The modes I chose to use today were, Provia, Velvia (just a bit punchier colour than Provia) and the amazing Acros black and white simulation. The only additional tweak was to set the film grain mode to weak. Creating a subtle film grain look. I hope you enjoy the images below and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.