Fuji Superia 200 & The Canon A-E1

         Recently I started a personal project shooting Film. Over the past 5 or so years I have been collecting film cameras simply because I'm a bit of a camera nerd.. I am going to be shooting, developing and scanning a different type of film each any every month for a year, then giving my personal impression of the film in these posts. I choose to shoot Fuji Superia 200 first because it was readily available off the shelf at our local drug store. I have been using the VSCO film presets for almost 3 years and I wanted to see if the presets looked anything at all like their original film stocks. Below is an image I took with the Canon 6D and then processed using the Fuji Superia Preset in Lightroom. Let me know how you think the tones and grain compare with the images below. I personally like the the look and feel of the Superia film stock although I don't find it to be particularly sharp (that could also be a product of my ancient scanner). I specifically love the soft highlights that it seems to render.  For a consumer level film the results are not too bad. The next film I intend to review is Kodak Ektar 100, this is classed as a professional film and I am excited to see how the results compare.